Why Excellence Canine’s Dog Training Style is different

Dog Training near Columbus, Ohio.Here is why Excellence Canine’s Training Style is different and how is can work for you!

We know you love your dog. We know you are busy. So what happens when your best friend is not behaving as he/she should and adding stress to your already busy life?

It can be frustrating to deal with nuisance behaviors like barking, jumping and leash pulling on a daily basis. It keeps you from enjoying being around your dog and going places with him/her.

Don’t you wish your dog would listen better and have good manners around the house and out on the street?

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Should you just sign up for an obedience class and teach your dog to sit, down, heel? How will that fix problems like chewing, soiling the house, jumping up and pulling on the leash? Can your dog do a “sit” command but just won’t come back when you call?

Commands alone will not fix the problem. Especially if your dog does not understand that commands are not a trick (i.e. he/she sits for a moment then is back up and causing trouble). Your dog needs to learn how to work for your praise and affection, and what is an accepted behavior as well as what is not OK to do. The traditional 6-week group obedience classes fail to address what happens after you go home with your dog. Usually all bets are off and chances are he/she will go right back to displaying the behavior issues you were hoping to fix by going to that class.


In that sense, obedience is understood as just doing commands, and is often deemed useless by most dog owners, because it does not fix their problem. Nobody these days has time to stop and work with their dog as recommended – 20 min sessions four times a day. Or maybe their dog is proficient with commands but still displays nuisance behaviors (“my dog can sit and shake but still pulls on the leash!”).

What if there was a way to learn to USE those simple commands to learn a whole new language that would allow you to effectively and clearly SPEAK to your dog and help him/her understand how he/she should act and what is not ok to do? What if you could integrate obedience training as a way of life for your dog and help stop all the barking, leash pulling, jumping and nipping? Wouldn’t it be nice to let your dog run out in the field, have fun, fetch balls and not have to worry about chasing him when he decides to run away?

Well, there is a way. At Excellence Canine, our unique training style allows for dog owners to use those simple commands like sit, down, go to place, etc., in a functional way to stop undesirable behaviors. We teach you to speak Dog. You will learn how to use simple commands to fix bigger behavioral problems with easy steps. We will show you how to use a “Sit” command to teach your dog to wait politely by a doorway instead of dragging you through it. We teach your dog a Place command then show you how you can use that to stop him/her from destroying your property or annoying the cat. We teach you Commands With a Purpose, so you can go back home with your dog and feel confident that you have the situation under control and that you can handle your dog properly and get the results you want.

Get ready to hear tons of compliments from your family and friends on what a nice dog you have! Enjoy your dog again and take your best buddy to more places with you, have more fun with a well-behaved dog, and most importantly, give your dog more freedom to run and play and the mental stimulation he/she needs to be happier!

Looking for Dog Training Columbus, Ohio?
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Yes, even your dog can be trained. We are very happy you have decided to look into training. But the longer you wait, the older your dog gets, the harder it is to correct undesirable behaviors and results will not show up as quickly as they will if you act now and take a step towards improving your relationship with your best friend. So let’s talk and choose a program for you and your dog so we can get started and show you how you can turn a good dog into an Excellent Dog!