Puppy Training For Columbus OH.

Puppy Training Columbus, Dublin, Delaware & Westerville, OhioOnline Housetraining Lesson with E-book

Looking for help to housetrain your puppy? No time to come to a class? Get help from a trainer in your home, in your pajamas! With this Online Housetraining Lesson, we will meet on Skype or on the phone and go over our tried-and- true puppy potty training system together and help you get it right the first time so you can teach your puppy to stop peeing on the carpet. You will also receive an e-book to keep with you for reference.

We will go over the four basic steps to house train your puppy, including:

– Setting a regular schedule

– Giving Feedback

– Cleaning up accidents the right way

– Crate-training your puppy

This is highly recommended for new puppy owners who want to train their puppy to go to the bathroom outside, who are having trouble with stopping messy accidents in the house and owners who are too busy to come to a regular class.

Honors Puppy Class

Get your puppy off to a good start in life and avoid behavioral problems before they start. The Honors Puppy Class is a one-on-one class designed to get you fast results for puppies 8 to 16 weeks old. You will meet with your trainer once a week for three weeks and will learn:

  • How to house train your puppy the right way
  • Crate training 101
  • Introducing puppy to loose leash walking
  • First puppy commands (sit, wait, let’s go, off, leave it, drop it)
​​Class times are flexible and scheduled according to your availability, and you can have a trainer come to you in the comfort of your home. All Honors Puppy Class graduates who want to continue on to our adult dog obedience programs are eligible for up to $100 off any program!

Good Dog For Life

The first and only training program your dog will ever need. First, get your puppy off to a good start with three complimentary puppy pre-school lessons while your puppy is still 16 weeks old or younger. Learn all about potty training, crate training, basic puppy commands and how to stop issues like play-biting and chewing. Then, when your puppy is at least 18 weeks old, you will start meeting with your trainer for 4 Private Obedience Lessons. That’s when we will use what your puppy learned during pre-school to move on to more formal obedience commands like heel, sit, down, come, go to place and basic manners such as no jumping, no excessive barking, etc.

The Good Dog For Life Program is designed to give you continuous guidance, coaching and training for your dog’s first year of life. The final result is a young dog who is super well-behaved, listens to you, walks nicely without pulling on the leash and is just a pleasure to be around. Sounds good?

But we won’t stop there. You will also get Unlimited Lifetime Refresher lessons – meaning you can come back for a quick lesson once a month, for as long as your dog is alive. It’s like having your own private dog trainer on-call.

And if you have a quick question, need some guidance or want to chat with a trainer but can’t make it to class, just schedule a complimentary coaching call on Skype or on the Phone – you get access to unlimited Skype coaching sessions after the completion of your program.

To make it even more awesome, you will also get $415 dollars in bonuses including:

  • One Free Box of Dog Toys and Treats from Barkbox.com (a $35 value)
  • All the training equipment needed (a $200 value)
  • 5 Free Dog Walker Visits (a $105 value)
  • A surprise graduation gift (a $75 value)